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Chiropractic and sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. This nerve originates in the sacral plexus, which is a network of nerves in the lower back. This nerve and its branches allow movement and sensations in different areas such as the thigh, knee, calf, ankle, feet and toes. If the sciatic nerve is injured or inflamed, it causes symptoms that we know as sciatica. Which can cause acute and severe pain in any of the parts that runs through the nerve.

Causes of sciatica Sciatica is the pain that is created when the sciatic nerve is injured or inflamed. Causes of sciatica include herniated discs, lumbar canal stenosis, dysarthrosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, subluxations, and more. It is recommended to visit a chiropractor when we suffer from sciatica because they can tell us the main cause of it and how to treat it. Spinal subluxations in the lumbar area can be one of the most common causes of sciatic nerve pain. Subluxations put pressure on the vertebrae over the discs and nerves. This pressure creates inflammation, burning or numbness that can be felt constantly through the sciatic nerve. Chiropractors are specialists in treating subluxations in the spine and have the knowledge to improve sciatica and its symptoms. Symptoms

• Numbness • Weakness • Pressure inside the buttock • Tingling • Feeling of electricity coming down your leg • Burning • Stabbing pain


A study made by a group of doctors at the Royal University of Saskatchewan Hospital published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 1995 demonstrated how chiropractic can help with sciatica problems. This research tracked 50 people with sciatica caused by herniated discs. They were given chiropractic care through adjustments and therapies. The conclusion of the research was that 90% of patients found improvement with their sciatica with regular chiropractic treatment.

How can chiropractic help?

We can conclude that sciatic nerve pains are very annoying and can become disabling for a person. If we visit chiropractors, they can treat sciatica with noninvasive treatments without the need for medications or surgical procedures. Chiropractors besides treating sciatica symptoms, always try to correct the root cause of the problem. In addition, they can recommend exercises, dietary changes, and natural supplements so that in combination with adjustments and physical therapies, we can make as fast as possible and hopefully prevent it from happening again.






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